The Tuesday Letter  – April 19, 2011

Hello again.

The Tuesday Letter has been on hiatus during Lent due to the time demands of preparing the Wednesday evening Lenten series.  Thanks again to all who attended.  We rocked.   You were part of some of the finest discussion I have ever experienced in my time in the church.  And I cannot thank enough Bishop Jelinek, Barb Sommers. Patty Pfalz, Don Husband, Jan Stoven and so many others who helped cook, shop, set up and take down.

The Tuesday Letter will again be on hiatus until the new rector arrives and we determine the overall communication picture for St. John’s.  I very much appreciate the inquiries and the fact that some of you miss it.

I will be taking some vacation time in the next weeks, although I will be here on Easter and the following Sunday, as Peggy will be away.  Have a couple conferences I’ll be attending in early May.

People going to Penumbra on April 29:  Light appetizers and wine in parish hall before the play.  RSVP to Phyllis Goff:  Tickets available there or at Penumbra. CURTAIN AT 7:30.   NOTE:  I HAVE TWO FREE TICKETS AVAILABLE – CALL THE OFFICE AND WE’LL DRAW NAMES ANED I’LL CALL THE WINNERS. 


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