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Financial Gifts

If you are able and would like to offer financial support at this time, St. John’s provides three opportunities to make a difference:

Donate to St. John’s Mustard Seed fund. This money is passed directly to our outreach partners. Since the lockdown, through your generous donations we have been able to send $1,760 to our local food shelf at Hallie Q Brown Community Center and $988 to Project Home Homeless Shelter.

Donate to our Rector’s Discretionary Fund. This money is used by our clergy to assist those in our parish experiencing hardship. Since the lockdown, this parish has generously donated over $5,000 to help care for each other.

Continue to pay your pledge, make a non-pledged donation, or continue to support your beloved ministries such as Compline, Evensong, Kayoro, Hearts to Homes, and Farmers Market. Due to your faithful support we have been able to continue all our ministries in some format and to pay all our staff, including musicians and hourly employees who have been hit particularly hard by this pandemic.


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