I am a girly-girl. I like hair products. I like dipping manicures. I like shopping. I like dressing up. There is none of this now, and I can’t believe how […]

Together in the Presence of Almighty God

“Together in the Presence of Almighty God” Why do you go to church? Not in a grand, theological sense. No, I mean: when the alarm goes off on Sunday morning, […]


  Thinking about masks, ventilators, nurses and the unbelievable degree of change in two weeks. I saw this on the internet and forgot to copy the source. I am indebted […]

Imago Dei: Be Creative

I love Russian Religious Philosopher Nikolai Berdyaev (b. March 18, 1874 – d. March 24, 1948) – a fellow Pisces, whose birthday I celebrated with Penelope the boxer dog on […]

In these days

The other day in a conversation with a friend in a video chat (as are all conversations these days it seems), both of us were wrestling with the incomprehensible reality […]

From the Reverend Jered Weber-Johnson

Dear Friends in Christ, In the strange but beautiful production Hadestown, audiences are plunged into something of a New Orleans prohibition era gin joint that is simultaneously the proscenium of […]